The High School of Music “G. Verga” of Modica and the Garibaldi Theatre Foundation, sponsored by Comune di Modica, are pleased to announce the second edition of #ProfessioneOrchestra - International Orchestral Training and Conducting Masterclass.
Art. 1 - Place and date
The course will be held in Modica (RG) from 1st to 7th August 2022.
Art. 2 - Participants
In order to participate there are no restrictions with respect to age and nationality. Participants can subscribe at the Masterclass as effective students or auditor students.  
If the registration requests are higher than the limit of places established for the relative instrument, the reference teacher will be responsible for selecting the effective students according to the methods that each teacher deems most appropriate, at the same level, priority will be given to the date of receipt of the application form. Applicants who are not admitted as an effective student may apply for attendance as an auditor.
Art. 3  - Orchestral Training Courses
Orchestral training courses shall be divided into:
  • Symphony Orchestra
  • Wind Orchestra
Each participant at the time of registration must indicate their preference for the Orchestral Training Course in which they intend to participate.
Admission to the ensemble indicated as a preference is subject to the availability of places and the passing of the selection that the pertinent teacher may decide to carry out.
Any non-admission to the ensemble indicated as a preference does not constitute a reason for cancellation of the application or reimbursement; applicants who cannot be admitted to the orchestral staff selected during registration will be included in the available orchestral ensemble.
At the end of the training course each Orchestra will perform a public concert, the Garibaldi Theatre Foundation will take care of its management and organization.
The details of each concert will be communicated to the participants at least 30 days before the start of the activities.
Art. 4  - Description of the activities and schedule
Orchestral training activity is structured as follows: 
  • one-to-one and section lessons
  • Orchestral rehearsals
The individual teaching plan, in addition to the study of orchestral excepts, also includes soloist’s practice with the support of a piano accompanist and training with chamber and orchestral ensembles. 
The musical program of the orchestras will be communicated to the participants at least 30 days before the start of the activities.
The organization will communicate to the participants a detailed schedule of activities by 15 days before the start of the course.
Art. 5  - Registration details and documents
Each participant must submit the completed and signed application form by the 25th JUNE 2022.
Every application form shall be accompanied by:
  • a copy of a valid identity document ID or passport
  • a copy of detailed CV indicating the course of study and the artistic career
  • nr. 1 passport or ID photo 
  • registration fee’s payment receipt referred to art. 6
Application form and the enclosed document can be submitted in the following ways:
c/o Liceo Musicale “G. Verga”
C.so Umberto I, 189
97015 Modica (RG)
In the event of submission with ordinary mail, it shall prevail the date of reception at the departure post office.
Candidates living abroad shall submit the required documents with an Italian or English translation.  
The Organization, in its sole discretion, may accept applications received after the specified terms and anyway before the commencement of the course.
All the incomplete application or received in a manner different from those listed above will be excluded.
Art. 6  - Registration and entry fees
Each candidate must pay a registration fee of 100.00 upon the submission of the application form. 
After having received our confirmation of admission as effective students, each accepted candidate must pay a participation fee of:
  • euro 480.00 for Conducting course only
  • euro 350.00 for all Instrumental courses
The participation fee for the auditor students is of euro 80.00 for the entire term.
If, in case of failure to reach the minimum number of subscribed to each relating instrumental class (see below art. 11) or for reasons of major force, it will not be possible to start the one-to- one tuition, the participation fee for the Orchestral training course (without individual lessons) is of euro 120.00.
The students of the instrument classes who wish to make use of the presence of the accompanying pianist will have to pay a fee of euro 25.00 and must send a copy of the piano part to the organization within 30 days of the start of the activities.
The participation fee can be payable in in more solutions provided that the entire cost of the participation must be corresponded before the start of the course. 
Art. 7Terms of payment 
Payments of registration and participation fees can be made by bank transfer to the following bank account:
IBAN: IT11B3608105138298761998765
Payable to: CARUSO MIRKO
Purpose of the transfer: #PROFESSIONEORCHESTRA 2021Name and Surname of the student 
The registration fee and the participation fee payment must be made, net of bank charges. The applicant shall pay possible bank fees, related to the payment.
The fee will not be refundable, except as provided for in art. 8.
Art. 8Refunds 
The registration fee can be refunded, net of bank charges, only in the event of the failure to commence the Masterclass, because of reasons of major force. It will not be refunded in the event of deliberate withdrawal of the participant.
Art. 9  - Extra Charges
Travel costs, food and accommodation are the responsibility of participants. Masterclass promoters will send to each admitted participant a list of nearby facilities.
Art. 10  - Orchestral complements and available positions 
  • Flute & Piccolo: 2
  • Flute: 3
  • Oboe: 2
  • Oboe & English Horn: 2
  • Clarinet: 2
  • Clarinet & Eb Clarinet: 1
  • Clarinet & Bass Clarinet: 1
  • Bassoon: 2
  • Bassoon & Contrabassoon*: 2
  • Saxophone (Soprano, Alto & Tenor): 3
  • Trumpet: 3
  • Trumpet & Piccolo Trumpet: 2
  • Horn: 4
  • Trombone: 3
  • Bass Trombone: 1
  • Tuba: 2
  • Timpani & Percussion*: 2
  • Percussion*: 3
  • Celesta (Piano)*: 1
  • Harp: 2
  • Violin: 18
  • Viola: 8
  • Cello: 8
  • String Bass: 4
  • Flute & Piccolo: 2
  • Flute: 3
  • Oboe: 2
  • Oboe & English Horn: 2
  • Bassoon: 2
  • Bassoon & Contrabassoon*: 2
  • Clarinet & Eb Clarinet: 1
  • Clarinet: 12
  • Clarinet & Bass Clarinet: 1
  • Alto Saxophone: 4
  • Tenor Saxophone: 2
  • Baritone Saxophone: 1
  • Trumpet & Cornet: 3
  • Trumpet: 4
  • Horn: 6
  • Trombone: 3
  • Bass Trombone: 1
  • Tuba: 3
  • String Bass: 2
  • Timpani & Percussion*: 2
  • Percussion*: 5
  • Piano*: 1
  • Harp: 1

*Double bassoon, Harp, Celesta/Piano and Orchestral Percussions will be made available from the organization.

Art. 11  - Musical training classes activation 
Musical training classe’ activation is subject to the admission of minimum 8 effective participants up to the maximum of 10; without prejudice to other relevant direction of each teacher. The Organization reserve the right to agree, should it be deemed necessary additional staff.
Art. 12Teachers
  • Orchestral Training for Symphony Orchestra - SALVATORE PERCACCIOLO, Conductor
  • Orchestral Training for Wind Orchestra  - MIRKO CARUSO, Conductor
  • Conducting Course-SALVATORE PERCACCIOLO, Conductor
  • Flute and Piccolo - FRANCESCO GUGGIOLA, Teatro alla Scala Symphony Orchestra
  • Oboe and English Horn MATTEO TRENTIN, Opèra National de Lyon
  • Bassoon and ContrabassoonCARLO COLOMBO, Opèra National de Lyon
  • Clarinet - CALOGERO PALERMO, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (ADVANCED)
  • Clarinet - MARCELLO CAPUTO, "V. Emanuele" Symphony Orchestra (INTERMEDIATE)
  • Saxophone - MARCO GERBONI, "G. Frescobaldi" Conservatory - Ferrara
  • Trumpet -  ALFONSO GONZÁLEZ BARQUÍN, S. Cecilia National Academy Orchestra
  • Horn - EMANUELE URSO, Teatro alla Scala Symphony Orchestra
  • Trombone - VINCENT LEPAPE, Orchestra of the Teatro Regio di Torino
  • Euphonium - LUCIANO DE LUCA, National Band of the Italian Police
  • Tuba - MARIO BARSOTTI, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Symphony Orchestra
  • Percussion - ROCCO LUIGI BITONDO, Opera Theatre of Rome Symphony Orchestra
  • Violin - SALVATORE QUARANTA, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Symphony Orchestra
  • Viola - THAIS COELHO, Deutsches Symphonie Orchester-Berlin
  • Cello - ANDREA WACCHER, "V. Bellini" Theatre Symphony Orchestra
  • String Bass - ANTONIO MERCURIO, "La Toscanini" Symphony Orchestra
  • Harp - FABIO RIZZA, Teacher and Soloist

Art. 13 - Certificates, Commendations, special mentions and Fellowships
A certificate of attendance stating the Masterclass program and the numbers of ours will be available at the end of the course.
The promoters will also give special mentions and musical grants to those participants who standing out in different musical instrumental skills or in conducting brilliantly an orchestra.
The most deserving students will be also mentioned to the greatest local opera or symphonic companies in order to establish further career collaborations.
Art. 14 Special arrangements for the Orchestral Conducting class 
The Orchestral conducting class will start with a minimum of 8 effective participants up to a maximum of 10 the orchestral conducting program includes theoretical and practical conducting lessons with a pianist accompaniment and ensembles.  
At the end of the course, the teacher will choose the best students that will take part of the final performance as Conductors. Only the teacher will assess the number of students that will be involved and the composition/s that they will conduct. 
Art. 15 - Particular study program for the Orchestral Conducting class
  • Conducting technique
  • Analysis and study of scores
  • The Repertory under study will be agreed through a private interview between the teacher and the students within 45 days from the start of the course
Art. 16Recordings and media broadcasts  
Promoters themselves, or allow others, shall make audio or video recordings, as well as television broadcasts    at any time of the Masterclass.
The rights attached will be transferred by each participants by the very act of subscription to the Istituto d’Istruzione Superiore “G. Verga”, even to third parties, to all intents and broadcasts medium, without any financial compensation may be demanded for that, by any participants for all the audio or video recording and broadcasting of the planned activities.
Art. 17Masterclass cancellation 
If the Masterclass should be cancelled, due to reasons of major force, all the subscriptions would be nullified by promoters’ irrevocable decision. In this case, participants’ registration fees will be fully refunded, net of banking costs.
The Organization reserve the right to postpone, make change, cancel or correct this regulation and extend the deadline. 
Art. 18 - Languages and Validity of the Regulatio
This regulation is made up of 20 articles and has been released in two languages: Italian and English. Legal validity is restricted exclusively to the Italian notice. 
Art. 19Competent Court 
Any disputes arising with regard to the validity, interpretation or execution of this regulation shall be governed exclusively by the Court of Ragusa.
These Terms and conditions are governed and interpreted exclusively with current Italian governing law.
Art. 20 - Informative and data treatment 
In accordance with the Art. 13 of  d.lgs. 196/03 and the EU Regulation n. 2016/679, concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, personal data provided by participants may be used by promoters and they will be used for purpose related to the handling of the Masterclass. The processing of data will be obtained via electronic and/or automated and/or other means able for storing, managing and transmitting data. Personal data will be stored and controlled to ensure maximum security and confidentiality; in addition, they will be protected against the risk of loss, destruction, unauthorized access, or in ways or purpose not listed in our collection. Hence, the provision of data is mandatory in order to evaluate the participation criteria. Therefore, personal data shall be communicated exclusively to the promoters.   

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