#PROFESSIONEORCHESTRA will be held from 1 to 7 August 2022 in the beautiful setting of the city of Modica, a welcoming town in the Ibleo area already a UNESCO heritage site, famous for its great artistic, historical and cultural heritage, as well as for its typical chocolate and culinary specialties.

The schedule of activities is very heterogeneous and aims to involve the participants in all aspects that characterize the study of the instrument in relation to the orchestral profession.

Specifically, students will be engaged daily in:

  • individual lessons

  • ensemble lessons in chamber ensembles

  • rehearsals in orchestra sections

  • orchestral rehearsals

All activities will be supervised by teachers from the most renowned professional orchestras of the international music scene.

The course of study will end with the concerts of the chamber ensembles and orchestras, Symphony Orchestra and Wind Orchestra, which engaged the students during the week; the concerts will be included in the schedule of the summer season by the Garibaldi Theater Foundation.

It is also customary for one of the teachers of the instrument classes to perform as a soloist at the concerts, respectively of the Symphony Orchestra and the Wind Orchestra; thus giving students the opportunity not only to work on the concertation of the piece with the soloist, but also to train in the role of orchestral in function of the solo as well as symphonic repertoire. The past edition had as protagonists Mr. Calogero Palermo, with the famous Mozart Clarinet Concerto, and Mr. Giuliano Sommerhalder with the Arutunian Trumpet Concerto in the version for Trumpet and Wind Orchestra. This year as a soloist Mr. Salvatore Quaranta on the violin, with the Symphonic Orchestra, and Mr. Vincenzo Paratore on the Trombone, with the Wind Orchestra will be involved.

In addition, to complement the main training course, during the week seminars will be organized on disciplines of general interest and in-depth study.

In addition of the Orchestral Training courses there will be held a Masterclass in Orchestral Conducting.

The conducting class will be supervised by the renowned Maestro SALVATORE PERCACCIOLO, who, with the help of specially hired professional musicians, will guide the participants in the study of the score and conducting. At the end of the course all the Directors will perform in a public concert.

Finally, #PROFESSIONEORCHESTRA enjoys the support of important brands of the international music scene that will make available various types of scholarships; Scholarships will be awarded to participants on the recommendation of their respective teachers.

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